Sunday, November 25, 2012

An Obama Thanksgiving

Just another thing we're thankful for....

© 2012 by The Conservative Muse

It's that special time of year when all Americans assess
The benefits and blessings that we're lucky to possess.
Midst our usual Thanksgiving Feast -- midst all its tastes and flavors --
We need to show some gratitude for governmental favors.
The gifts bestowed are numerous, and infinite to boot;
And here's a sampling of those groups receiving lots of loot:


Our first black president has graced his people with this plight:
An economy so bad their unemployment's reached new height.
But dependency on welfare is a status He condones;
Along with checks and food stamps He hands out Obama phones.


"I cannot do the Dream Act without Congress," said Barack,
Before looking at potential votes and taking careful stock.
"Oh what the hell, I'm President, I need to show resilience.
I'll make an order, break the rules, and bask in all my brilliance."

College Students

Now here's a group that Democrats all treat like royalty:
Young libs whose education helps ensure their loyalty.
Lest a student change his mind and see the errors of his way,
Obama will forgive his debts, and make the public pay.


"Bin Laden's dead; GM's alive" was preached by Dems this fall,
Though a Union gift through bankruptcy was mentioned not at all.
Giving equity to Labor broke the law and keeps costs high;
"Al Qaeda thrives while GM dies" should be their battle cry.

Single women

Poor Sandra Fluke, the law student -- at sixty grand per year --
Could not afford some condoms, but she got Obama's ear.
Big government stepped in to heed the woeful Sandra's plea:
It angers Catholics, but now she gets her rubbers free!

About these gifts Mitt Romney took some flak for his complaining;
But his defeat was pre-ordained --
The welfare state is self-sustaining.

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