Sunday, July 20, 2014

Barack Confused by World Events -- Hits Fundraisers Instead!

                                                      "Keep your friends close…."

© 2014 by The Conservative Muse

Among our favorite films we list The Godfather, Part I:
We saw it way back when during its first theatric run. 
There's a famous saying quoted from this top box office grosser:
To keep your friends up close but keep your enemies still closer. 
It's a rule Barack should execute except there's one large glitch:
To keep your friends from enemies you need to know who's which.

We recall the hand of friendship which Obama had extended
to the leaders of Iran, those charming guys whom he's defended.
In the sixth year of his guidance our weak diplomatic corps
have just waived another deadline, so their nukes advance some more.
And he'd promised that this time, if major progress wasnt met,
Iran would face tough sanctions -- or as tough as he can get.
Instead, we unfroze assets!  It's confounding to conceive!
Is it possible our president is someone so naive?

And since Hillary "reset" relations with the Russian bear
We've watched Vlad Putin act as if the U. S. isn't there!
From Ukraine's invasion to the newly downed Malaysian craft,
at every chance he gets we see Vlad give Barack the shaft.

While we trust these guys a real friend is fighting for its life,
As Israel's engaging in an anti-terror strife.
Hamas are labeled terrorists, and started this last fight,
Israelis plan to wreck the thugs' Iranian-fed might.
John Kerry wants cease-fire, and Barack fears "escalation:"
Perhaps they ought to help Israel reach their aspiration.

It's realpolitik that's getting poor Barack befuddled;
He avoids the fray in favor of the rich with whom he's huddled.
He's mixed up friend and foe and seems to know not what to do;
From Pacino's man-of-action he could learn a thing or two.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Our Country's Going To Hell, and Dems Focus On….

© 2014 by The Conservative Muse

Of vacuous slogans that we can recall
The "War Against Women'''s the dumbest of all.
Hobby Lobby's big win has been spun by the Left:
It make girls of all types contraception-bereft.
The truth is, the Lobby has choices a-plenty
Of birth control plans -- there's sixteen out of twenty.

Nonetheless anxious Dems have picked up the "war" cry;
to survive Barack's flop it's a desperate try.
But since this pretend-battle line has been drawn,
We daresay there's some genuine strife going on:

There's the IRS war against right-leaning groups
and the cover-up done by its loyalist troops.
There's the war taking place on our southernmost border
-- while we wait for Barack to restore lawful order.

There's the War Against Truth with the scandalous lies
Of a video causing Chris Stevens' demise.
And then there's the mess of the bureaucrat maze
causing vets to expire from outrageous delays.

And of course theres the War by Obama Our Lord
against constitutional curbs hes ignored. 

There's hot war all around in the fired Middle East,
Where Iraq's now controlled by the Isis-led beast,
Hamas rockets set Israeli cities aglow,
And Iran chases nukes -- and denies that it's so.

So with actual conflict becoming acute,  
This War Against Gals is a phony dispute.
With this Presidents guidance gone sharply awry,
The Dems pick their fight oer the condom supply.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Barack Adopts Code of the Wild West!

© 2014 by The Conservative Muse

Our devoted reader(s) of the Muse will likely know by now,
we're fans of classic cinema, as older posts avow.
In particular the western film will make our interest pique,
with memorable characters enwrapped in grand mystique. 

Some famous lines from oater flicks apply to present time,
Like "We don't need no stinking badges" quickly comes to mind.
In "Treasure of Sierra Madre" bandits used to say it
to claim a legal license, though no statutes had conveyed it.

And now our own bandito named Barack has used the ploy
regarding overreach within the President employ.
To sidestep Congress he's oft bragged he'll use his "pen" and "phone,"
whatever laws he doesn't like he'll just amend alone.

Though SCOTUS* had rebuked his kingly actions 9 to nil,
he's announced his plans for future royal actions he'll fulfill.
We'll give him a sombrero,  teach him Tex-Mex elocution,
And he can say that he "don't need no stinking Constitution!"

* - The Supreme Court

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Obama's Guys Work Magic; Audience Not Thrilled!

                                                  WORLD FAMOUS MAGICIANS

© 2014 by The Conservative Muse

The Muse has been a fan of magic way back as a tot
When prestidigitation was the biggest kick we got.
We had no games on video, and so we'd sit and stare
At black-and-white magicians that the networks put on air.
It may have been a factor of the wisdom that we lacked,
But way back then our favorite was the "disappearing act."

Today's illusionists we know have really upped their game,
Their telecasted magic has enhanced their global fame.
But for real disappearing acts with real-life success,
It's hard to beat the tricksters who control the IRS.

So you think the Muse has tipped his hand, you know what we're about,
With Lois Lerner's emails so conveniently wiped out!
But if in fact you're thinking this, we'd point out that you're wrong,
Our focus is now elsewhere as the scandal moves along.

There's something else that's vanishing that's eerily persistent:
The coverage by media is nearly non-existent!
The New York Times, the LA Times, and MSNBC
Have pushed the misdeeds off the page lest anyone should see.

It's really quite remarkable that "freedom of the press"
now means protective custody for him who's made the mess.
As for us, we'd hearken back to our old standby magic choice:
To watch Obama disappear would let us all rejoice!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Lefty Incompetence Overwhelms the Muse!

© 2014 by The Conservative Muse

Believe it or not your conservative bard
On each trivial verse has to work pretty hard.
It's not like those words come a-flowing forthwith --
that the Muse is a god is, quite sadly, a myth.

So we need decent time to begin cogitation;
there's a lag twixt the deed and our rhyming formation.
But Barack et al now commit unceasing blunders
at rates and in numbers at which the world wonders.

The dilemma we face is of simple design:
there's scant time 'tween disgraces for us to opine.
it seems every day that the scandals increase,
from VA dishonor to Bergdahl's release.

But liberal bunk's not unique to Barack --
there's Hillary's book, with its penchant to mock
the truth when it comes to Benghazi narration,
on whose deaths she refuses "politicization."

As we agonize o'er which screwup to spoof,
the minimum wage has just shot through the roof
in the People's Republic that's known as Seattle...
now the scene of a business v government battle.

So many embroilments, too much to digest!
We'd hope we'd at least have a moment to rest.
If they can't govern well, then at least take the time
to let poets like us make our frivolous rhyme.