Sunday, April 13, 2014

At Last, Barack Takes Action!!

                                                            FAMOUS OBAMA ANTAGONISTS


© 2014 by The Conservative Muse

Barack has a got a lot of stuff upon his plate these days;
there's confrontations overseas in myriads of ways.
Iran is going nuclear, Assad shows no regrets,
and Putin laughs disdainfully at all the empty threats. 
So given yawning silence that Barack's red lines arouse,
we're not surprised he's targeted a hapless herd of cows.

Yep…. Administration folks are getting set to play their parts
in the drama of eliminating greenhouse bovine farts.
It seems there's lots of methane that gets formed in every gut,
so cows destroy some atmosphere with every cheese they cut.
From gastronomic upset of these herds out on the range,
the global warmists quiver at the thought of climate change.

So the race is on to figure ways to calm an angry cud --
an intravenous drip of Rolaids right into the blood?
With scandals raging all around and foreign threats so urgent,
Barack is looking for a cow intestinal detergent!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Liberal Limericks IV

© 2014 by The Conservative Muse

The best triumph there ever has been!
Seven million for Health Care signed in!
Though of signees procured
few had been uninsured
Still Obama has called it a "win"!

John Kerry's been piling up the miles
to give Palestinians smiles.
That Israelis still live
Arabs just won't forgive --
When will John learn those trips aren't worth whiles?

Congress tried and they tried and they tried
but she sat like a statue and sighed,
"I will tell you forthwith
I'm still taking the fifth."
In plain sight Lois Lerner can hide.

More Benghazi reports from the hill
Squeezed some truth out of Hillarys shill:
Since we know that they lie
Lefties only can cry,
Its a right-wing conspiracy mill!


GM's got some 'splainin' to do...
faulty parts have killed more than a few.
By Barack they were bailed
Now execs may get jailed...
Big government know-how shines through.

Barack's got a scheme to restrain
Vlad from taking some more of Ukraine.
It's the same kind of plan
for Assad and Iran --
Soon Kiev will be Russian domain!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

The One Sure Bet for March Madness!

© 2014 by The Conservative Muse

The Muse is a passionate basketball fan;
We follow March Madness whenever we can.
But at making good bets we're not very adroit,
a weakness in teams we're not apt to exploit.
And there's options to gamble that addle our heads:
with "favorites" and "dogs", over-unders, and spreads.

But now the world's given us sure things to wager:
events are unfolding that clearly are major
compared to the basketball tourney we love;
but we'll make this firm bet from the options above:

Theres a game where political power's abused
and the lineups per side make it easy to choose:
one team has Barack, whom the Left still anoints....

So we're betting on Putin and laying the points.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Marshall Obama, Sheriff Kerry, Round Up Black-Hat Russians!

© 2014 by The Conservative Muse

The Muse loves the films of a Western motif,
where the bad guys are giving the townspeople grief
and folks look for a man who will meet their appeals, 
for guys like John Wayne, to clear out all the heels.

And in our world in which it behooves to be wary
Thank God we're protected by Sheriff John Kerry.
George Bush must've passed his famed cowboy hat down
Cause John's told the Russkies to "git outta town!"
(That city, of course, being part of Ukraine,
where Putin would like to expand the Red reign.)

And this Monday, no less, is the dread deadline day
or they'll face Barack's awesome and vengeful array.
There'll be consequence wrought of a serious type --
too bad all the world is now used to the hype.

So while Putin amasses his troops on the border,
We'd say that Barack's got a pretty tall order.
He's got to do something that really has weight -
when he issues the threat there can be no debate:
It's got to be something he'll really fulfill --
there ain't no John Wayne ridin' over the hill!